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Some features of the PFC Affinity Groups are:

  • Custom Profiles – Fill out your profile and let us know who you are. You may upload a photo to associate with your profile as well.
  • Internal Messaging – The private messaging feature works like an internal site email similar to the Inbox in Facebook and Ning. Each member has their own individual Inbox, Messages Sent, and Compose Message page.
  • Follow – Similar to Facebook, the network allows you to “follow” other members of your group. You may wish to follow someone you communicate with regularly. It makes it easier to message them and keep track of their activity.
  • Activity Streams – Your group’s home page has an activity stream that allows you to see all recent activity across the group at a glance. Or, it can be filtered to only show you the activity within a particular area.
  • Forum – The forum in each group is a threaded discussion related to that group. Like any forum, each member can create their own topics or respond to topics written by others. Set your notifications to ensure that you receive an email update whenever someone posts an item in a forum you wish to keep track of. You can also favourite topics for quick access to them later.

For more detailed help information, please visit the various links in the right sidebar. There you will find more detailed information on some of the basics like changing your password, updating your profile, and setting your notifications.